Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peace in Our Time: Athena Voltaire Returns!

Paul Daly and I have settled our differences and have resolved to go our separate ways. The bottom line out of all of this is that Athena Voltaire will return!

Coming this Summer, we'll release the trade paperback collection of Flight of the Falcon.

Later this year, I'll be releasing the first of a series of standalone one-shots, graphic novellas, if you will. They'll be somewhere between 48 and 64 pages, perfect bound, and each one will be its own mini-trade. If you're the type who waits for the trade, you won't need to wait. If you're the bagging-and-boarding type, this is what you'll be getting, as well. I'm shooting for a $7–8 price on each volume.

Why the change? With the creator fallout between Paul and me last year, many retailers and readers alike don't know what the hell happened to our favorite aviatrix. If I produce complete done-in-one volumes, on time, I hope to earn back the consumer and retailer confidence we lost when the entire Mu-King miniseries was postponed and then eventually canceled.

The major change is that I'll be writing and drawing the adventures of our favorite aviatrix. Paul will continue to produce his webcomic, Terranauts, but will no longer be involved in Athena Voltaire. Paul's departure has resulted in a "taking his toys with him" scenario, so there will be some story modifications when the first one-shot releases. However, I can say that along with myself, editor Molly McBride and color artists Chad Fidler and Jason Millet are all happy with the tweaks to the comic and we're dying to share it with you.

Watch the skies! AV is back!


S.D.Hilton said...

I am sorry to hear that Paul has left the building.



I would very much like to have you on our Podcast (Pulpcast as we call it), and make an announcement. I was hoping to get an interview with you about all the things you've been working on, but now it seems like this is some cutting edge style news.

Again, congrats. I can not wait to put Athena on my shelves at my store, and I can't wait to read it myself!

Feel free to check out our Pulpcasts at MYTHICERAS.NET (under ME RADIO). We've been learning in the first few shows, but we hope to have a kick ars style program ready to go for MARCH 22nd.

Steve Bryant said...

Awesome, S.D.!

Shoot me an email at atomictikistudio@gmail dot com and we'll set up a time to talk on the show.

Thanks again!

ArcLight said...

Well...yeah, the split is unfortunate but dang, it'll be great to see Athena again.

Looking forward to it.

Steve Bryant said...

Thanks, Arclight!

Yeah, the split wasn't my idea, but in retrospect, it's probably all for the best. Paul and I have some different things we'd like to say with our work.

However, this way, you get TWICE as much pulpy material!