Friday, November 14, 2008

Okay, here's the deal...

...I can't say what's happening yet. But I can start showing some artwork. This is for something that will be solicited in the December issue of Diamond Distributors' Previews catalog (in comic shops the last week of this month).

Shown here are a concept sketch by Ben Lichius (co-creator of Ape Entertainment's colonial adventurer/hero The Black Coat) and a penciled version of that sketch by me.

More next week.

Thanks to all who have waited patiently for the return of Athena Voltaire as we sort out legalities and publishing schedules. I appreciate it greatly and hope that you enjoy all of the stuff that I have planned for 2009.


Ryan said...

This is incredibly awesome, Steve! I cannot wait to see what's coming!

Steve Bryant said...

Thanks, Ryan! I'm just thrilled that someone has been patient enough to check in on this little blog -- let alone buy the book when it comes out! ;)

Elton Pruitt said...

Well if Ryan thrilled you, you must be beyond ecstatic now to have TWO people checking in Athena!

: )

I'm looking forward to it, and I'm sure my son will be excited to see what's next, too!

Steve Bryant said...

Ha! Your son's story still cracks me up, Elton!

Thanks again for the copies of Negative Burn with your work in them—good stuff!! Any other new work in the offing?

Elton Pruitt said...

Some new work hopefully in the offing (aka, much pitching in progress!).

I dropped you an email as well... keep on fighting the good fight!

Steve Bryant said...

I'm behind on email, but I did get your note, Elton and will drop you a response soonish!

Keep with the pitches (and I'm talking to myself, too...such a long process)!