Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volcano Goddess preview pencils

I'm working away on Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess. It looks like the AV Kickstarter campaign has been successful. If you're still considering contributing, please don't think that the campaign is over just because we reached our initial goal. If we exceed it, it just means that I'll be able to produce even more AV.

In the meantime, I'm plugging away at the book. Here's a sneak peek.


Jim B. said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! It's well-deserved.

Pretty picture. Just look at those legs.... *sigh*
...but why does she appear to be holding an invisible clutch in her left hand?

Steve Bryant said...

I guess because I suck at drawing hands? Dunno. I'll try to fix it, I guess.


Unknown said...

Thar aint no goddess; thars only the Trinity. Wanna wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven? TrustNjesus, dear. Meet me Upstairs. Let's getta Big-Ol beer! God bless